Novell iFolder

Adding New Shared User

To add a new user or LDAPGroup to the list of shared user,

  1. Use the search functionality to locate the user or LDAPGroup you want to share the iFolder with.

  2. Select a filter criterion (Username, First Name, Last Name) , then type one or more letters in the Search field.

  3. Click File icon (the blue plus sign is blue in colour) to add the users to the list of shared users.

    The added members appear at the right side of the page under Share with. After a user is added, the plus sign next to the iFolder name turns to black.

    When you share an iFolder with an LDAPGroup, it is shared with all the members of the LDAPGroup.

  4. Click share to confirm sharing.

    Click Cancel to cancel all your operations on this page.

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