Novell iFolder

Accessing Folders and Files in Your iFolder

You can reach the Browse page by clicking any of the iFolder link listed on the Home page.

Use this page to access folders and files within the selected iFolder in the current account. For any selected iFolder, you can view a list of its folders and files, upload and download files, create folders, and delete folders and files.

NOTE: You cannot either access or select Shared icon disabled iFolders.

Managing Folders and Files in An iFolder

Within an iFolder, you can perform the following tasks:

View a List of Folders and Files
The Browse page lists folders and files alphabetically. Scroll to locate the directory or file of interest.

Navigate a Directory
Click name of the folder Folder icon to open the folder and view a list of its contents. To return to a higher- level directory, use the navigation bar given at the top. You can click either on the icon or the name to return to the desired directory.

Open or Save a File
Click the name of the file File icon you want to open or save.

Create a New Folder
Click New Folder link to create a new folder.

Delete Folders or Files
Select the check box next to one or more folders or files you want to delete, then click Delete to confirm the deletion.

Upload a File
Click Upload, and in the Upload page, click Browse and locate the local file you want to upload, then click Open > Upload. When the page refreshes, the file appears alphabetically in the list.

View History
Click File icon to view the history.

Delete an iFolder

To delete an iFolder:

  1. Click Delete link listed under Actions at the left side of the page.

    A dialogue box appears, asks you whether you want to delete the current iFolder.

  2. Click OK in the dialogue box to confirm the iFolder deletion.

  3. Click Cancel to cancel the operation.
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